Let’s Go Google with G Suite!

All over the world, million companies have made a move to G Suite. All of them are happy using G Suite. They save more and more since the cost they should spend for IT management now is fixed. It’s cheap and simple, but great and amazing tools to maximize your benefits. So, just let’s go Google with G Suite!

What are in G Suite?

G Suite is Google’s services that allows user to customize several products of Google. If you get G Suite, it means that you can get all apps from Google exclusively with customization based on what you needs.


Email service with 30 GB storage capacity to allow you store mails without deleting any, advanced spam-filter protecting your primary mails, excellent search engine feature, labels and filters. Let you access from any devices, anywhere, any time. Even when you are offline.


There is no need to open new tabs or pages only to chat while you do your email. Gtalk provide world class chat engine that allows you to chat with voice, video or simply with text. All is integrated in your mailbox.


No more clash on your schedule. Synch your schedule with your mobile device and get reminder via mail or sms with Google calendar. This allows you and team schedule your appointments and events easily.


With Google Drive, you will be able to store and share your file easily without affecting your device storage. You can get Google Doc, Google Sheet, and Google Slide all in one Google Drive.


Like a mailing list, simply make your own group and manage the members with Google Groups to share any files or other Google services.


Have an interesting professional looking site without even need knowing of coding and HTML. It’s easy with web page builder that allows you to choose thousands templates.

Why Go Google with G Suite?

  • To save and share your data securely with 99.9% SLA, 24/7 support. It’s you to have total control on your data.
  • To be effective in your finance management since you only pay what you use. The pricing is clear as a day. It’s very simple.
  • Unlimited access to your data since you can work with G Suite from any device, anywhere, anytime with internet connection.
  • To ease your collaboration with anyone you want: teams, employee, partners, vendor. Easily sharing and editing file such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation in real time.
  • G Suite Indonesia make IT easy in Indonesia. Less time and cost in managing your infrastructure.

More from G Suite

Designed for any scale of business, G Suite for Business helps you to organize your business effectively: online store, corporate, finance organization, law firm, and many more.

While G Suite for Business is designed to fill the business’ needs, G Suite for Education are customized to fit the schools’ requirements.

With G Suite, we can help you in

  • Deployment and planning strategy
  • Infrastructure integration including Directory Synchronization and Single Sign On
  • Data migration
  • Mobile devices integration
  • Change management and training
  • Post deployment support